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The Four Switches Success System
What does it really mean to love God with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength? This is the heart of your Incredible Advantage membership. Everyone has four success switches. But like a light bulb on a dimmer, almost everyone's switches are set in ways that restrict their personal power. Empowering your Success Switches is just like cranking up a dimmer switch to brighten your space. Once you understand your switches you'll have full control over the power in your life. 
Coaching, Mentorship, Community, & Encouragement 
Information is everywhere, all the time. You have access to anything you want to know any time you want it.

But what about application? 

When certain information is valuable and relevant to you, who will keep you moving forward as you apply it in your own unique way to your own unique situation? Incredible Advantage provides expert coaching, experienced mentoring, and a crucial member-centered leadership team that ensures each member is being served, engaged, and is experiencing the results they want and need.
We're all here for your success.
Why YOU Should Become a Member
Our Founder, Todd Sivers, Explains Why He Started Incredible Advantage 
And Why YOU Should Pursue Your BIGGEST DREAMS With Us.
What Dream  Should You Be Pursuing
God created YOU to be creative. God created you to DREAM and to PURSUE your dreams. All sorts of people pressure you to fit in, to go along with the crowd, to toe the line. They tell you to behave normally, to play it safe, to keep realistic expectations. God made you to STAND OUT. God created you to LEAD people. God created you to WIN. You are WONDERFULLY UNIQUE. When you choose to fit, follow, and conform, EVERYONE misses out on YOUR greatest gift to the world. There is NO ONE like you. Please don't deny the rest of us of your greatness. Pursue your UNIQUE DREAM. When you do, we'll ALL benefit from it. 
Get YOUR Incredible Advantage
You deserve an advantage. Not an advantage OVER other people, but an advantage WITH other people. Every valuable thing we do involves other people. Even when you choose to be alone with God, it is in preparation for what he will have you do WITH people. Relationships are central to your success regardless of the mission or missions God created you for. By investing your time, energy, and resources in becoming a master of relationships, you'll make EVERY ASPECT of your life significantly better. As you do, you'll form the relationships that will help you achieve what seems impossible to you... over and over again. You only have ONE life. 
Do ALL that you can to be certain you do ALL that you can.  
Want PRIORITY Access, Quicker Gains, & Maybe Even a New Career?
Right now, we need more coaches to guide and care for our new members. If you’re interested in becoming an Incredible Advantage certified growth coach (Full OR Part Time), we have a special membership opportunity for you.

-Get priority access
-Get Our $8500 coach certification training at no extra cost to your membership
-Get guaranteed financial success in writing 

Plus, build your own business, work with people you love, do incredibly rewarding work, and change lives 
– all in a Christ-centered family atmosphere
YES, You Can Achieve Great Things on Your Own. BUT, Why Make it HARDER than it Should Be?
Surround yourself with people who will encourage and believe in your dreams. Surround yourself with people who can teach you how to reach the next milestone. Surround yourself with people who can show you what works, and what to avoid. Surround yourself with people who BELIEVE in God, and in the pursuit of BIG DREAMS. There is POWER in pursuing big dreams TOGETHER. There is INCONCEIVABLE POWER in pursuing big dreams TOGETHER with the HOLY SPIRIT leading us all. YOU can live the ABUNDANT, POWERFUL, INFLUENTIAL life GOD created you to live. We're here for you, and we're counting on you. 
Incredible Advantage Gives You Everything You Need to Create a POWERFUL Life with the Support and Encouragement of the FAMILY You've Always Longed For.
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