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The Four Switches Success System
This is the heart of your Incredible Advantage membership. Everyone has four success switches in their mind. But like a light bulb on a dimmer, almost everyone's switches are set in ways that restrict their personal power. Empowering your Success Switches is just like cranking up a dimmer switch to brighten your space. Once you understand your switches you'll have full control over the power in your life.
The 100 Days to $100k Challenge
You can grow a significant passive income very quickly as an Incredible Advantage affiliate. Share our free and helpful information with your network, and earn recurring monthly commissions from everyone who uses your links to visit our sites and becomes a member. Take the challenge & we'll take you from 'Never made a dime online' to 'Take this job and shove it' in 100 days. And the income you earn won't be limited to working with us. We'll also show you how to create opportunities and solutions people are desperate for, AND how to sell ANYTHING without being pushy or annoying.  
Coaching, Mentorship, Community, & Encouragement
Information websites are everywhere. Even if the information is valuable and relevant who will keep you moving forward as you apply it in your own unique way to your own unique situation? Incredible Advantage provides expert coaching, experienced mentoring, and a crucial member-centered leadership team that ensures each member is being served, engaged, and is experiencing results. We're here for your success. 
What Are Success Switches & Why Do They Matter?
Let Robert Kiyosaki Show You Why Tens of Thousands of People
Are Currently Replacing Their Traditional Jobs With Passive Income Online
Robert published his bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad in 1997, He's THE authority on passive income. Here's why he believes you should pursue passive income by working with a company like Incredible Advantage.
So What Type of Online Income Should You Pursue?
There are 3 types of online income: 

1 - Selling Products and services you make or buy. 2 - Advertising to your own audience.
3 - Affiliate Income - Promoting other people's products and services through social connections and/or paid advertising.

only one allows you to start making money without a big social presence or email list, without content creation, and without a lot of upfront expenses or risk: Affiliate Income
Get an Unfair
Incredible Advantage
After nearly 30 years of development, the Four Switches Success System is the single most valuable investment anyone can make in their own future. Imagine having a tremendously important job to do - one that would change people's lives. Would you buy a state-of-the-art computer and then run Windows 3.1 on it? Would you buy a brand new car and then pull the engine out and replace it with one from an old Yugo? You already own the most powerful supercomputer in the known universe, your mind. You already have this problem-solving, opportunity-creating vehicle that will take you anywhere you want to go socially, financially, and even geographically. But it's running outdated software. It's inefficient. Its only limitations are settings that can quickly and easily be changed. And once they're changed, you choose what you'll achieve and what you'll become.

But there's a second secret advantage of the Four Switches Success System. Once you've taken charge of your own switches and turned up the power in your own life, you'll also be able to see everyone else's switches. You'll know where they're set and exactly what limitations those people have because of those settings. You'll be able to adjust your own behavior to align with someone's limitations, easily developing the connection between you. And you can use that connection to get what you want from them, or even to help them become more capable and powerful by moving their switches. You'll have the upper hand in negotiations of every sort, from billion dollar business deals to intimate relationships. This is a skill you'll use multiple times a day, every day, for the rest of your life.  
Are You TIRED of Making Other People Rich?
From a very early age, society has groomed you to serve the plans and designs of others. The vast majority of people are content to make other people rich while they themselves receive only a small fraction of the fruit of their labor. That compromise has always been based on risk and responsibility. Most people will take a smaller, consistent, guaranteed reward in order to avoid the full risk and responsibility associated with the leadership of a business, government, or movement.

Most people take jobs from those who create them, appreciate the opportunity, and do their best to complete the work they're assigned. Many people develop a trade skill like carpentry or dentistry and build their own service business. Some people work to separate from the system, to become self-sufficient and live outside of the rat race, off the grid, on their own. 

Few people are willing to take the level of responsibility needed to become financially, relationally, mentally, and emotionally wealthy. The very few who do experience a very exclusive, very rewarding life. Will you be one of us?  
In the Past, Building an Income Online was Difficult
Not only did you have to come up with products and services to sell online, but you had to piece together systems to sell them. And you had to differentiate from everyone else selling similar stuff, market to the right people in the right way, and get your offer in front of those people in a compelling way while they were being bombarded by plenty of other (often similar) offers. 
Can You See Why This Can Be so OVERWHELMING For Most People?
Instead, we prepare you to create unique solutions and opportunities over and over. You can create products and services that have no competition (so you don't have to compete on price) and are easy to duplicate (so you can scale your business without more work.) Even more powerfully, you can create passive income to replace your job and give you the time to create your unique stuff while you're learning to do it. And you can create that passive income with no special skills. You don't need to create your own websites and you don't need to come up with your own sales process. We'll show you what to do and give you what you need every step of the way.
Look at Everything Incredible Advantage Membership Does For You!
This is what Incredible Advantage membership does for you. We give you the power to create your ideal future while we give you the tools to take back your time quickly, so that you can focus on what's really important to you.
We do all this while making the whole process incredibly easy, and while giving you supportive relationships with people who have already done what you're trying to do. What could be easier, more fun, or more energizing?
Let Me Show You How Simple it is To Empower Your Future With Incredible Advantage!
Incredible Advantage Gives You Everything You Need to Create a POWERFUL Life with Passive Income Online.
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BONUS # 1 :
How Successful People Achieve Greatness
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In this video course, you'll discover how your daily routine will make you successful or prevent success. And, you'll get an in-depth look at the success rituals of many well-known successful people.
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Affiliate Marketing Can Be Hugely Profitable IF You Know How
If you're new to affiliate marketing, this course will give you an excellent overview on how it works, how you can profit, and what to do to accelerate your success as an affiliate.
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